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Instagram logo png with 500 million daily users and more than 80 percent of Instagram accounts following business accounts, it’s important for marketers to incorporate Instagram into their social media marketing strategy. It all starts with your Instagram account.

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The best Instagram accounts have a few things in common, including easily recognizable usernames, recognizable profile photos, a steady flow of stories and photos on Instagram, informative but awesome bio, links to relevant landing pages or campaigns, and much more.

It’s no secret that Instagram is now a social media platform where businesses express their brands visually. Billions of people use Instagram every day to discover new things, including new brands and products! If you want to learn more about growing your business, check out today’s Instagram business stats.

From big brands to small shops, having a complete Instagram account will increase your followers and engagement. Eventually you will see more sales! Selling on anything in Instagram is a smart idea for any business. So let’s get started with a great logo Instagram png from our website ! Don’t feel overwhelmed, you can get started with this Instagram logo.

Instagram logo png

Instagram PNG logo has pulled its logo for new purple, orange, and pink icons and redesigned the app to make menus and backgrounds completely black and white.

Here on our website all types of logo instagram png are available so you can download instagram photos here!

The logo Instagram png almost paved the way for the platform. Due to its short history, the network has changed several logos. All known versions of the instagram symbol are based on an instant camera shape and reflect the main purpose of the network – photo sharing.

So let us see different types of change of icon instagram png with years and then download image instagram

  • 2010: The original Instagram logo png was designed by the company’s co-founder, Kevin Sistrom. There is a Polaroid camera with a bow strip. Since this project was originally used to take and share photos (as well as apply filters), the design choices seemed natural.
  • 2010: Later that year, however, Systrom turned to professional help and hired designer and photographer Cole Rise. It is inspired by Bell & Howell cameras from the 50’s. Here you can download instagram images of the year 2010.
  • 2011: The logo instagram png was updated slightly, but the overall appearance remains the same. This version has been published on Instagram v2.0.
  • 2016: A new Instagram logo png is introduced along with an updated app interface. Although many users criticized the design, it has remained unchanged over the years.

Here you can aslo download photo instagram like:

Instagram logo png old logo

The first Instagram icon png was designed by Kevin Sistrom himself and is actually a real camera image with curved lines. At the time, it mirrored what Instagram used to do – taking and sharing photos and applying different nuances through filters. However, he later discovered that making logos used a better approach and commissioned Cole Rice, a photographer and designer, to come up with better ideas. Cole has a much simpler instagram logo png on the camera phone.

New logo

Today Instagram offers a much wider range of functionality that includes hyperlapses, boomerangs, and collages. The new version of the png instagram logo proves this new possibility.

Apart from this you can also download instagram photo of the Application logo:
The new design of the instagram symbol png is based on the previous one. While all the important features of the old logo are preserved, it is quite different. The change sparked heated debate in the Instagram community.

Instagram symbol png

Now the Instagram logo png is a minimal, sunset-colored outline of the original Polaroid camera image. Here you can download instagram photos of this version.

Black and white

The black and white version of icon instagram png identity repeats its official color version in terms of lines and style, even though it looks completely different without the iconic pink and yellow gradient.

The monochrome Instagram vector of the most famous social media service is available in two versions: a solid black box with rounded corners, a bold white contour image that repeats the shape of the symbol, a white contour circle in the center, and a small solid white dot in the center. the top right corner in the smaller square; and the latest version from 2020, where the Instagram outline logo is made in black and placed on a white background.

The second emblem looks more stylish and fresher due to the use of a whiter color and fewer lines in the composition, as the rectangular contours with rounded corners are placed directly on the background as the emblem frame and the emblem itself.

The monochrome version of the Instagram logo works the same as the original and can be displayed with or without a caption.

Instagram Fonts

The Instagram logo png is as recognizable as a graphic part of a social media visual identity, and personalized italics are associated with bright moments and friendship.

The letters on Instagram are made with a sleek and elegant font designed just for the app, although they look very similar to fonts like Avant Garde Regular and Blue Vinyl Regular, but are modified and expanded with a few lines. The logo contours are clear and shiny, which makes the classic letterforms look soft and attractive.

Despite its simplicity and naivety, Instagram’s posts look very confident and modern. In the monochrome version, it gets more power and distinction, as the strong contrast between black and white makes the instagram logo png timeless and iconic.

The latest official logo for Instagram is transparent png. Free Download. Big, medium and small logos on Instagram pixels which are colored aesthetically in our website.

New instagram 2021 PNG logo

Promoting your Instagram account with the correct Instagram logo on all marketing guarantees is an effective marketing activity for all big brands, small business owners, and even the most popular with the highest number of Instagram followers.

Below is the new and up to date official Instagram logo. Click the Instagram logo to view it in full size and download it for free.


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