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A ten year old human kid who is the head of the PAW watch. Its job is to provide instructions for the little boy’s missions and build their equipment. He rides an ATV. He lives on Lookout with six original young children. Its catchphrase is: “If you have a problem, just call for help!” and “No job too big, no puppy too small!” ” You can download his pictures at the canine patrol png of our website. You can download canine patrol drawings also here!


Incompetent but big-hearted Dalmatian who acts as team leader and medic. He drives a firefighter who turns into an ambulance. It always led to a funny mistake when the little PAW Patrol tried to get into the surveillance lift. His main call is “I’m fired!” and “Ready to ruff, save the ruff!”


Rugged but cute and athletic English Bulldog with construction puppy skills in patrol dog png. He drives a yellow bulldozer. He’s a big eater who likes to make jokes, often due to his love of food. Its primary fascination is the “Vestiges of the Double! And Let’s dig!”


Mature and serious German Shepherd canine patrol png with skills such as police dog, traffic cop and super spy. He drives a blue police car that turns into a super espionage vehicle. Its fundamental calling is “These paws comply with the law! ” and “Chase is down!”


An aquaphobic hybrid, but enthusiastic and inventive with ecological skills. He drives a recycling truck that turns into a tractor. He hates water and is often reluctant to undertake water-based missions unless it becomes a mer pup. Its principle fascination is “Don’t lose it, use it once more! ” and “Green means to go!” canine patrol drawings also available.


A Labrador Retriever who loves water and loves to laugh. He has lifeguard skills such as swimming and diving. He controls a hovercraft that can be turned into a submarine. The main attraction is “Let’s dive!” and “Ready, tuned, wet!”


Here you can download skye canine patrol png, The graceful, sweet and clever Kokapu with pilot skills who serves as aviator and air rescue dog for the team. He flew a pink and silver helicopter with a belt on his back. So he can also be downloaded in pink canine patrol. The main attraction is “This Puppy Must Fly!” and “Let’s go to heaven!”

Secondary / random members

Cap’n Turbot

PAW Patrol’s png number one caller, serving as an official member in a special episode related to Merpup. He is a marine biologist and Adventure Bay Keeper. He made his debut in “Pups Make a Splash” and joined “Pups Save a Mer-Pup” for the first time. He appeared from season three in the opening theme. The vehicle is a boat called Flounder and an orange dive bell. His plea was “Turbot handles trout!” And “The Cap’n Can!”


A fast and robotic puppy from Ryder. He is responsible for driving the PAW Patrol multi-unit vehicles: PAW Patroller, Air Patroller, Mission PAW Cruiser, and Sea Patroller. He made his debut in “Pups Save Ryder’s Robot” and became an official member of “The New Pup”. His vehicle, the PAW Patroller, appears in the season 3 theme. He is speechless and has no calls, but he communicates by barking.


A hyperactive husky intended to become an official member in the event of an emergency involving snow or ice. He drives a snowmobile. He lives at the Adventure Bay surfboard resort. He first joined the team at The New Puppy. It appears from the third season in the opening theme. Their desire was “ice or day off, all set! and Off the beaten path, Everest will not fail!”


Chihuahua with extraordinary hearing abilities that lives in the forest and is a bilingual pup. Paw Patrol Png She debuted and became a member of “Tracker Joins the Pups!”. Her plea is “I’m listening!” and i’m fine! ”


Tuck (Ella’s twin) is a Golden Retriever puppy who has the ability to shrink and live with his twins. She made her debut in Mighty Little, Super Paws: Puppies Meet Mighty Twins. The expression is “Strong and little, I will put forth a valiant effort!


Ella (Tuck’s twin) is a Golden Retriever puppy that has the ability to grow to super size and live with its twins. She made her introduction in a special way as a Strong and super Little, Paws: Puppies Meet Mighty Twins”. His catchphrase is “Time to think big!” and “It’s time to grow!”.


Bernese Mountain Dog who lived and worked with dinosaurs in Dino Land. It has black, brown, and light cream fur with freckles. He has brown eyes, a black and blue helmet, a lemon green vest and a walker that carries his hind legs. He will help the dinosaur rescue mission when the dinosaurs are in danger. The trick is “Let Dino do this!” He made his debut in season 7 episode “Dino Rescue: Puppies and the Lost Dino Eggs”.

Wild Cat

The principal cat individual from the PAW Patrol in the Moto Pups subseries. Wild Cat has light cream hide with patches of light orange hide around his eyes. Wild Cat wears a white helmet and a red, and black suit and also has a dark orange mohawk as well. He helps in Moto Pups missions and debuted in the Season 7 episode “Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack

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