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WhatsApp PNG Logo Messenger is an application that is very popular not only among young people but also adults because it makes it easier for people to communicate and stay in touch. In addition, the platform, which uses regular data packages for surfing via email and the internet, does not incur additional charges for communication, sharing photos, video and audio messages with friends and family.

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Key Features of WhatsApp Messenger

  • Send photos, image for whatsapp videos, documents, locations and contacts with ease.
  • Create a business group, family, or friends in a circle and share messages in the group.
  • WhatsApp allows you to make free calls anywhere in the world (you may only be charged for internet data).
  • Just add a contact number to your phonebook and you can easily connect with your friends, family and relatives on WhatsApp. Just open the Contacts section.
  • Add your profile whatsapp picture and show your WhatsApp status as (quotes or funny lines).
  • Just block unknown contacts
  • WhatsApp Messenger receives a major data protection improvement, namely end-to-end encryption. This means that you and the sender can only read the message. WhatsApp and third parties cannot read or listen to your messages and calls.
  • WhatsApp makes it easy to send email in chats.
  • WhatsApp allows you to create broadcasts, which means you can send the same message to multiple contacts.

Whatsapp symbol png

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Sending WhatsApp pictures to WhatsApp is done very regularly. However, a very well-known fact that we know about social messaging apps is that when they are shared and distributed, the image quality is compressed and downgraded to some extent.

WhatsApp icon png

Whatsapp Icon is a popular smartphone and messaging app and voice chat app for Android and iOS that allows you to chat in HD and watch it on video with all your friends who have the app on their smartphone or computer. . It was bought by Zucker Berg, the founder of Facebook, in 2009. WhatsApp icon was not the preferred application at the time. WhatsApp is similar to Viber Messenger, Line Messenger, Wechat Messenger and Tango Messenger which were popular at that time. After buying it on Facebook, WhatsApp has a very serious user population. The WhatsApp symbol application is one of the most used applications in the world.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 and within a few years Facebook announced its plans to acquire Whatsapp. With the acquisition in 2014, the WhatsApp logo screen with the Facebook branding below was changed to green. However, the icon doesn’t change, and the green phone is in the thought bubble. The original WhatsApp logo is available from us in color, color, solid and flat stripes.

You can also download the WhatsApp icon in transparent PNG and JPG file formats. When looking for editable formats, you can also find vector graphics in the latest file formats such as SVG, AI, PSD and ICO. The WhatsApp icon can be utilized for mobile app design, website design, visual design, user interface design, or email signatures. The Iconscout design community has created various versions of the latest WhatsApp logo, including the Circle logo for Android and the square tile for iOS.

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White background png

Download the best and the best free WhatsApp PNG transparent backgrounds like white background png, black whatsapps in various sizes. Click on a thumbnail to see the full PNG resolution.

Download WhatsApp logo for transparent black and white PNG

Download these transparent white background png, black whatsapps PNG images without backgrounds for free. Use them in your personal projects or share them as stickers on WhatsApp, Tumblr, , WeChat, instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or any other messaging app.

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More WhatsApp icons and symbols

Find and download all popular free and popular PNG transparent icons or WhatsApp icons in various styles such as monochrome, multi-colored, striped or filled. Customize color, background, frame, size, position, rotation, etc. With the online symbol editor and download your symbols in the format you want.

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Which file format should you choose?

The GIF design is restricted to colors and is a lossless pressure record design, a typical decision for web use. GIFs are a good choice for storing line images, text, and icons with small file sizes. The PNG format is a lossless compression format, which is why it is widely used on the web. PNG is a good choice for storing line images, text, and icons with small file sizes.

JPG format is a compressed file format with disadvantages. This is useful for storing photos that are smaller than BMP. JPG is a common choice for web use because it is compressed. For saving line art, text, and icon graphics with a smaller file size, GIF or PNG are better options as they have no downsides.

JPEG for realistic photos and images. PNG is for linear images, high text images, and low color images. GIFs just fail.


We are an open community where users can share PNG images. All the whatsapp PNG on our website are for non-commercial use without the need for mapping. If you are in need of and find this PNG on our website you can download. We go beyond the Zap logo, PNG and vector images, as well as transparent graphics and PSD files.

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